Joule GPS:
3 Customizable Dashboards
Battery Level Indicator (Sensors, Joule GPS)
Cadence (Current, Average, Maximum)
Current Heading
Distance Remaining in Workout
Distance to Next Route Point
Distance to Ride Partner
Heading to Next Route Point
Heart Rate (Current, Average, Maximum)
Heart Rate Zone
Intensity Factor (IF)
Intervals Summary Screen
Kilojoules per Hour
Normalize Power (NP)
Peak Power (5 second, 5 minute, 20 minute)
Pedal Balance (Current, Average)
Percent Grade (Current, Average)
Power (Current, Average, Maximum)
Power Zone (Current, Average)
Ride Distance
Ride Time
Speed (Current, Average, Maximum)
Surge Count (W/Kg)
Time of Day
Time Remaining in Workout
Time to Ride Partner
Total Ascent
Total Kilojoules
Training Stress Score (TSS)
Watts per Kilogram (Current, Average, Maximum)