DT Swiss's Spline wheels boast their high-tech hubs, renowned spokes and advanced wheel engineering so that you enjoy the amazing DT Swiss ride and reliability season after season.
Spline rim. Spline straight-pull spokes. Spline hub.
DT rims are specifically designed for low weight and high strength, and to accept standard and tubeless tires with DT's Tubeless Kit (sold separately). Spline wheels feature DT straight-pull stainless-steel spokes for a high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent tension retention and a clean, custom appearance.
The Spline hubs are precision engineered and machined for excellent strength, lightness and smoothness.
Spline spoke positioning. Spline spoke seats. Spline lacing pattern.
The Spline hub design and the straight-pull spokes optimize the position of the spokes for stiffer, more-responsive wheels.
Thanks to the shape of the spokes where they seat in the hub, spoke tension has little effect on the bearings. So the bearings last longer and the wheel rolls better, too.
Spline wheels feature a lacing pattern that takes advantage of the straight-pull spokes so that your DT Swiss wheels are both super light and ultra strong.
DT Swiss's Spline wheels use intracately machined hub shells and carefully positioned spokes so you can ride faster and farther. You can count on this combination of craftsmanship and DT Swiss reliability ride after ride.
The Spline rim. Spline straight pull spokes. Spline hub shell.
DT's Spline wheels use rims specifically designed for lowe weight and high strength and are tubeless compatible with DT's Tubeless Kit (sold seperately). Spline wheels use straight-pull spokes for a high strength-to-weight ratio.
The result of precision engineering and machining; Spline hubs are lightweight and aggressive-looking 
Spline spoke positioning. Spline spoke ancors. Spline lacing.
The Spline hub shell design and straight-pull spokes allow for an optimized position of the spoke anchor points, creating a stiffer, more responsive wheel.
Due to the shape of the spoke anchors, spoke pull has minimum effect on the bearing seats. The result is longer lasting bearings and smoother rolling wheels.
Spline hubs use a lacing pattern designed to take advantage of the straight-pull spokes to create the best strength-to-weight ratio.